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with SPAD powered vTAU camera
The complete high-speed recording solution
High-speed camera for fluorescence imaging
Intensified high-speed camera
Intensified camera with ultra-short gating
High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment
Compact lens-coupled image intensifier
Intensifier Control
Unit for Automated Systems
Record and edit high-speed videos with one or multiple cameras.
Record and analyze fluorescence lifetime images.
Custom imaging products, sensors and software for low light level applications.

Reliability Engineering

What is Reliability Engineering?

Reliability engineering is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on ensuring the reliability and dependability of products, systems, and processes. Its primary goal is to minimise the likelihood of failure, optimise performance, and maximise the useful life of components or systems, whether they are in the domains of manufacturing, engineering, electronics, or other areas. Reliability engineering employs various techniques, methodologies, and tools to achieve these objectives.

Imaging technology, such as machine vision systems and cameras, can be used to inspect and identify defects in products during manufacturing. This ensures that components or finished goods meet quality standards, reducing the likelihood of faulty products reaching the market.

Our STAMINA system is designed to determine exactly what the cause of a failure is in a production line by "zooming back into time" ie. record a mechanical step in slow motion for long periods of time.

In essence, imaging technology, when integrated into reliability engineering practices, can help in preventing failures, diagnosing problems, and optimising the design and maintenance of products and systems to ensure their reliability, durability, and safety. This is particularly crucial in industries where product failure can have serious consequences, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and healthcare.

Cameras for Reliability Engineering

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