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Intensified low-light imaging camera with ultra-short gating

Low-Light Imaging


10-20 times more light efficiency in a compact and light weight form


choose from a wide variety of high sensitivity image intensifiers to match the needs of your application


high sensitivity supplemented with an acquisition speed up to 160 fps.


The TRiCAM is a compact intensified low-light imaging camera. It is designed for scientific and industrial applications that require low-light imaging. With built-in signal generators, the TRiCAM is capable of ultra-short exposures through fast gating and therefore suitable for time-resolved imaging.


Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)

Time-gated luminescence

Bio- and chemiluminescence imaging

Plasma physics

Single Photon imaging

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Solar PV and LED characterization

Combustion research

Single-molecule imaging

Fluorescence Lifetime-Imaging

Microscopy (FLIM)

Förster Resonance Energy Transfer


Time-gated Raman / Laser Induced

Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Time-resolved imaging & spectroscopy

Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT)

Low-Light Imaging


Gated image intensifier
The TRiCAM is equipped with an integrated timing pulse generator and a gate-unit, generating gate pulses down to < 3 ns.

Low-light imaging
The TRiCAM has a built-in image intensifier that boosts the incoming light. This way, you can capture detailed images in the most challenging light conditions.

Fiber-optically coupled
Our experienced engineers couple the sensor to the image intensifier with a fiber-optic plate, resulting in a 10 – 20x more light efficient system. The fiber-optic plate is a solid piece of glass that consists of millions of parallel glass fibers sealed together. Each fiber acts as an independent light conductor that transfers the light from the image intensifier to the sensor.

Ultra-short gating
The image intensifier in the TRiCAM can be used as an ultra-fast electronic shutter. This technique is called gating and it can be done in a matter of nanoseconds.

Gating can eliminate motion blur when imaging fast-moving objects or highly dynamic processes. By varying the timing of the gate signal very precisely (tens of picosecond resolution), you can use gating to record a time-resolved light intensity profile.

Optimised for your application
The TRiCAM can be configured with a wide range of image intensifiers. Available image intensifiers cover the entire visual spectrum and the near infrared.

High-resolution sensor
The TRiCAM features a high-resolution CMOS sensor. It captures stunningly detailed images at 1920 x 1200 pixels.

160 fps
At up to 160 fps, the TRiCAM can record slow-motion footage, even in low-light conditions.

Global shutter
With its global shutter readout method, the sensor in the TRiCAM eliminates rolling shutter effects in your images.

Fluorescence Imaging

Image Intensifiers 

An image intensifier boosts the intensity of the incoming light. By converting photons to electrons and back to photons, the light intensity can be increased significantly. Scroll down for more information about how this works.

Another feature of an image intensifier is that it can act as an ultra-fast shutter. The photocathode can be switched between on and off in a matter of nanoseconds.

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Low-Light Imaging

Low-light imaging

The TRiCAM has a built-in image intensifier that boosts the incoming light. This way, you can capture detailed images in the most challenging light conditions.

Our experienced engineers will help you pick the right image intensifier for your application.

Fluorescence Imaging


The photocathode is the entrance of the image intensifier. This is where the incoming photons are converted to electrons. The quantum efficiency of the photocathode material specifies how efficient this conversion is for each wavelength.

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Low-Light Imaging
Low-Light Imaging



Diameter: 18 mm

Minimum Gate Width: 40 ns (< 3 ns optional)

Maximum Repetition Frequency: 300 kHz

Trigger Input: TTL


Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels

Pixel Size: 5.86 µm

Frame Rate: 162 fps

Sensor Type: CMOS

Readout Method: Global Shutter

ADC: 10 bit and 12 bit


For more information on the TRiCAM, please download the brochure.

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    User Publications

    Researchers around the world use the TRiCAM in their studies. Opposite is an overview of the most recent publications describing research that was done using a TRiCAM.

    For a complete overview of applications, please visit our applications pages.

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