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with SPAD powered vTAU camera
The complete high-speed recording solution
High-speed camera for fluorescence imaging
Intensified high-speed camera
Intensified camera with ultra-short gating
High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment
Compact lens-coupled image intensifier
Intensifier Control
Unit for Automated Systems
Record and edit high-speed videos with one or multiple cameras.
Record and analyze fluorescence lifetime images.
Custom imaging products, sensors and software for low light level applications.


Welcome to our systems section where we present two exceptional systems that cater to your research needs like never before. 



with SPAD powered vTAU camera

The Lambert Instruments LIFA system is the fastest and easiest way to do Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM).


The complete high-speed recording solution

Stamina combines advanced hardware with easy to use software to offer a complete solution for your imaging challenges. With the complete imaging system it becomes possible to record, view and combine up to 9 cameras in one setup.