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Tibidabo Scientific Industries Announces the Acquisition of LLA Instruments

Tibidabo Scientific Industries Announces the Acquisition of LLA Instruments, a company specializing in products that support various applications in the detection and identification of materials.  

Berlin, Germany and Dublin, Ireland, 13 Nov 2023– Tibidabo Scientific Industries Ltd (“Tibidabo”), a global leader in highly differentiated technology for scientific research, aerospace, and industrial markets, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of LLA Instruments (“LLA”), a manufacturer of products that support industrial sorting, quality control, and various applications in Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

“Bringing LLA into the Tibidabo Group enables us to offer a broader range of solutions and services to support the industry’s rapidly growing needs,” stated Paul Murtagh, Chairman & CEO of Tibidabo. “It will also enhance our R&D capabilities in multiple sectors and lead to further technological innovations across our Group.”

LLA Instruments Managing Director, David Mory comments, “Tibidabo aligns with LLA’s long-term vision to diversify our portfolio and strengthen our position in the industry.  By joining forces with the Tibidabo group of companies, we aim to leverage their respective strengths and resources to provide an expanded range of high-quality products/services, improved customer experiences, and enhanced value to our stakeholders.”

With its manufacturing and R&D facility in Berlin, Germany, LLA uses Near Infrared (NIR) measurement technology with powerful analysis and classification software that aids in the detection and identification of different materials at industrial scale. From recycle sorting, and mineral and elemental analysis to food and feed, functional coating, and refuse-derived fuel analysis, LLA brings a diverse range of products that are instrumental in identifying high-value raw materials, including precious metals, that can be recovered, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials, and protecting the environment.

Tibidabo President Viktoriya Baytser commented, “The addition of LLA Instruments brings a new and exciting opportunity into our global portfolio that spans multiple industries and applications. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Tibidabo’s continued growth and commitment to fostering innovation and leveraging new technologies. We are delighted to welcome LLA’s dedicated employees into our growing Tibidabo family, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible together.”

About LLA Instruments

Based in Berlin, LLA Instruments was founded in 1993 by physicist Dr. Hartmut Lucht. Initial developments included laser spectroscopy-based measurement systems for applications in biomedicine, environmental technology, and industrial applications; but the company soon pivoted towards establishing the basics, further developing, and marketing automatic sensor-based sorting systems for plastics.

As market leaders in recycling, LLA has become increasingly known across the globe, especially to machine builders for plastics sorting, as a renowned developer, manufacturer, and supplier of imaging spectral analytical measurement technology and hyperspectral cameras.

To learn more, please visit www.lla-instruments.de

About Tibidabo Scientific Industries

Tibidabo Scientific Industries is a global leader and supplier of highly differentiated technologies for scientific and medical research, life sciences, agriculture, aerospace, defense and security, and industrial applications. We succeed by helping our customers push boundaries with cutting edge products and solutions that drive innovation for new and existing technologies.

Our collaborative approach and expanding global team enable our customers to make smarter decisions and adopt more effective solutions with ground-breaking technologies. Our philosophy, culture and strategy are guided by a customer, quality, performance, and people-oriented management approach, with a system of continuous improvement at its core.

How Light can be a valuable information carrier for metabolic research

The production and breakdown of proteins takes place in every cell of our body at any time. These proteins are crucial for the functioning of our human body. In most cases this process occurs automatically, but in the case of a disease one would like to understand what may be going wrong in the cell. You can then proceed to developing medication

Quantifying fluorescent afterglow time
Since the time of Van Leeuwenhoek, people have been interested in the microscopic world of the cell. Since then, many groundbreaking developments have taken place in microscopy that make it possible to study the processes in the cell in detail. Recently, a new type of scientific camera was added, which makes it possible to quantify very specific light. Lambert Instruments’ LIFA vTAU camera is a so-called FLIM* camera, which makes it possible to determine the persistence of fluorescent light.
Fluorescent light (comparable to Glow in the dark) is one of the modern microscopy techniques that are used daily by cell biologists to map various proteins. By using this afterglow time, one can accurately demonstrate whether these proteins are malfunctioning, such as interaction between proteins or transfer of molecules, regulation of energy balance, building of muscle tissue, etc.

Sensitive and easy to use
The unique thing about the LIFA vTAU is the unprecedented sensitivity and the ease with which the system can be connected to an existing microscope. Lambert Instruments has more than 20 years of experience with FLIM. Previous systems were limited, among other things, by sensitivity. As you might imagine, light is also needed to obtain fluorescence, but most cells in our body cannot handle light well. Fluorescence is a very weak signal, so the more sensitive the detection, the more accurate and efficient the research can be. With the vTau you can conduct more accurate or faster research with less light.

Automated search for biological processes
FLIM is used in most large research institutions, but these are often part of a fixed measuring setup. The vTAU camera, on the other hand, has the great advantage that it is widely applicable. It is a very compact system that can easily be used in various measuring setups, ranging from a simple fluorescent microscope for taking a few measurements to a large-scale automated measuring setup for measuring a large number of samples. The latter in particular offers great potential for developing future diagnostics and medicines for, for example, cancer or metabolic diseases.

With the introduction of the vTAU, Lambert Instruments is taking a new step forward in making FLIM even more accessible to the medical world, thus contributing to improving metabolic research.

Lambert Instruments is an innovative company in the city of Groningen, where a team of 10 engineers, including interns from the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, has been working for 30 years on developing high-tech camera systems for global applications in biology, physics and materials science.

For more information on the LIFA vTAU visit: https://flim.camera/

Lambert Instruments launches LIFA vTAU – A camera-based system for fast fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

Lambert Instruments BV, launches LIFA vTAU – A camera-based system for fast fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)

Groningen, Netherlands, October 5, 2023, Lambert Instrument’s, a leading developer of advanced imaging solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of LIFA vTAU, a camera-based system designed to transform Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), particularly for live cell applications. LIFA vTAU, featuring the versatile SPAD detector, is set to redefine the world of microscopy with near instantaneous acquisition of lifetime images at unprecedented frame rates and high accuracy.

LIFA vTAU represents a significant leap forward in FLIM technology. Whether for studying dynamic cellular processes, molecular interactions, or biological phenomena, LIFA vTAU is engineered to meet FLIM application needs. The camera is designed to seamlessly integrate with any brand of fluorescence microscope and the dedicated LIFA software records the images and analyses the data instantly, offering researchers a comprehensive FLIM solution. From sample preparation to data analysis, this system streamlines the entire imaging process, for improved efficiency and accessibility.

“We’re thrilled to introduce LIFA vTAU. This innovative FLIM solution represents a significant milestone in live cell imaging technology”, stated Jeroen Wehmeijer, General Manager of Lambert Instruments. “With its unparalleled speed, precision, and versatility, LIFA vTAU empowers researchers to delve deeper into the world of live cell dynamics and explore the intricacies of biological processes. We believe this product will pave the way for ground-breaking discoveries and advancements in the field of microscopy.”

Equipped with an ultra-high sensitive SPAD detector featuring micro exposures for dynamic range optimization, LIFA vTAU can capture up to an astonishing 100 lifetime images per second, even in challenging lighting conditions.

LIFA vTAU enables a wide range of applications, from molecular interactions and protein conformation to biosensors, oxygen imaging, and more, making it a versatile solution for diverse scientific and industrial needs.

For more information about LIFA vTAU and its capabilities, please visit https://flim.camera/

About Lambert Instruments

Lambert Instruments is dedicated to development, production, and worldwide sales of products for time resolved imaging at challenging light levels enabling users to reveal previously unseen phenomena. Together with our software, our products provide a possibility to record fast events at low-light conditions. It is our mission to reimagine detection and offer complete solutions to challenging imaging problems.

For more information about the new LIFA vTAU system and other Lambert products and services, please visit https://www.lambertinstruments.com/contact


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