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My LIFA control unit has detected overexposure

When an overexposure is reported, a red LED on the LIFA control unit switches on, and the device will be disabled in the LI-FLIM software. Camera and light source are turned off. The overexposure is normally triggered by high fluorescence emission from your sample and/or using high value for the MCP voltage. Be careful when using a third party light source for illumination of your sample. If the LIFA camera is used and this causes an overexposure, the LIFA control unit cannot turn off this light source and the risk of damaging the camera persists. Once an overexposure is detected, one should switch back to eye piece and investigate the cause of the overexposure (type of illumination, epi-fluorescence or transmitted light, ND filters, high MCP value, etcetera).

Close the device by pressing the X in the upper right corner of the device window, and press the reset button on the LIFA. You will hear that the fans will be turned off and powers on a gain, the control unit has been reset and can be reconnected by the software (Devices –> LIFA). The MCP level will be set back to its minimum.

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