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with SPAD powered vTAU camera
The complete high-speed recording solution
High-speed camera for fluorescence imaging
Intensified high-speed camera
Intensified camera with ultra-short gating
High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment
Compact lens-coupled image intensifier
Intensifier Control
Unit for Automated Systems
Record and edit high-speed videos with one or multiple cameras.
Record and analyze fluorescence lifetime images.
Custom imaging products, sensors and software for low light level applications.

Camera Link

Camera Link is a serial communication standard. It has three main configurations: Base, medium and full.

Base Configuration

This configuration requires one cable and has a data throughput of 2.04 GBit/s.

Medium Configuration

This configuration requires two cables and it can transfer twice as much data as the base configuration. The maximum data throughput of this configuration is 4.08 GBit/s.

Full Configuation

This configuration also requires two cables and it has a maximum data throughput of 5.44 GBit/s.

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