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with SPAD powered vTAU camera
The complete high-speed recording solution
High-speed camera for fluorescence imaging
Intensified high-speed camera
Intensified camera with ultra-short gating
High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment
Compact lens-coupled image intensifier
Intensifier Control
Unit for Automated Systems
Record and edit high-speed videos with one or multiple cameras.
Record and analyze fluorescence lifetime images.
Custom imaging products, sensors and software for low light level applications.


CoaXPress (CXP) is a communication standard for imaging data. It transfers data over one or multiple coaxial cables. The main strengths of this standard are its high transfer speeds and the long cable lengths. CXP can also power cameras with Power-over-CXP, removing the need for a dedicated power supply for the camera.


Transfer Speeds

Because of its high transfer speeds, CXP is ideal for streaming high-speed imaging. Each CXP cable can transfer up to 6.25 Gbps. Our cameras have 4 CXP ports for a total transfer speed of up to 25 Gbps.

Computer Interface

You need a frame grabber to capture the data that is transferred over CXP. A frame grabber is an expansion card for a computer that captures the incoming data and displays it on the screen or stores it on the computer. Most frame grabbers offer a software development kit (SDK) to develop your own specialized image acquisition software.

More Information

For more information about CoaXPress, please visit the official CoaXPress website.