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Long-term high-speed recording with multiple cameras to capture in flight testing data

Flight testing provides invaluable data for the aerospace sector. This data is instrumental in enhancing aircraft efficiency, safety, and effective utilization. Ensuring the reliable capture of data is vital, preventing the need for costly additional flights and mitigating the risk of losing months’ worth of program data.

Flight test instrumentation (FTI) are those tools used to acquire, store, and transmit flight test data,and are therefore a vital part of the aerospace sector. These tools require a high level of maturity because they must be reliable and accurate. Amid commercial pressures to expedite aircraft certification cycles and reduce costs, flight test engineersto enhance FTI and data acquisition networks— striving for innovation that offers increased flexibility and precision with user-friendly control.

Among FTIs, tandem imaging devices can be used to observe the behavior of moving objects and mechanical parts during a test flight.

But, using a multiple camera set-up in flight poses many challenges.

Foremost, when using multiple cameras, they need to be synchronized so they can operate simultaneously. Such a set-up requires a software interface that can integrate multiple cameras while allowing recording set-up prior to the onset of the flight. During the flight, the system must be able to provide reliable recording and data storage.

Moreover, such systems must be ruggedized to withstand the strong vibrations that occur in-flight to fulfill aeronautical standards.

Lambert Instruments’ STAMINA system supports the aerospace sector with a multi-camera recording solution. STAMINA combines advanced hardware with an easy to use, yet highly customizable, software platform to offer a complete solution for your imaging challenges.

STAMINA is compatible with a wide range of high-speed cameras. With the complete imaging system, it becomes possible to view and record up to 9 cameras simultaneously.

With Stamina, recordings can be synchronized, and all image data is directly streamed to the solid storage, for long-term streaming. With the external Application Programming Interface (API), Stamina can be further customized and integrated in your existing setup. Through the API, you have access to device settings, recording parameters, image data, and more. Whilst the Stamina software is the heart of the system, the hardware can be customized to comply with your own standards and regulations.

Stamina is a completely customizable imaging solution that brings an answer to the latest FTI Imaging applications.

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